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Stroop effect introduction and theories Essay Sample

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Stroop effect introduction and theories Essay Sample

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stroop effect research paper
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Anything you want us to know before the call? Close Give me a call. Research on alcohol-related attentional bias with the Stroop has not been confined to individuals who abuse or depend on alcohol. Interest in a wide range of alcohol cognitions along the entire consumption continuum means that cognitions in the regions of use and misuse have become a research focus in their own right, and not just as controls for helping understand cognitions associated with abuse and dependence Bruce, Jones, However, whereas attentional bias appears to be a frequently found feature of individuals who abuse and depend on alcohol compared to those who do not, the subsequent evidence for its presence in heavier compared to lighter users or misusers from Stroop experiments is limited.

Using the Stroop paradigm, it has been confirmed that the bias might only become evident under the conditions of a test in which additional, explicit alcohol cues are present Jones and Schulze, More direct support for an attentional bias among social drinkers has recently been provided by another group Jones et al.

However, unlike Cox et al. We will demonstrate if we can obtain the same results. In , John Ridley Stroop investigated interference in serial verbal reactions. In one of his experiments, participants were presented with names of colors were printed in different ink colors. The word meaning and ink color were either the same, for example the word red printed in red ink, or they were different, for example the work green printed on yellow ink. The participants were there then instructed to name the ink color of each word, ignoring the word itself.

Stroop effect refers to the finding that participants are slower to name the ink colors when they are different from the meaning of the word then when they are the same. The paradigm and its widespread use have driven many authors to offer explanations that account for the classic Stroop effect.

One explanation that accounts for the Stroop effect asserts that processing word meaning, is more automatic than processing ink color. Cohen, Dunbar, and McClelland stated that the more often a particular processing pathway was activated, for example reading a word, the more easily it was to be used for encoding the well-learned dimension in the presence of novel stimuli, in this case the colors of the ink.

This is especially true when a better learned dimension must be ignored in order for a less well-learned dimension to be responded to. The processing bias could occur because a well-learned dimension, such as word reading, is retrieved more readily from memory than is a less well-learned one, such as color naming Logan, ; Roelofs, However, to account for the Stroop effect, there must be an additional mechanism to address the conflict between word meaning and the ink color information.

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- Describe Stroop's Famous Experiment and the Stroop Effect Strop Ridley wrote the article, known as the “Studies of Interference in Serial Verbal Reactions” in the year The article was based on a research that he conducted using colors to analyze the effects of interference on serial verbal reactions.

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The current paper presents results of two experiments attempting to replicate with Polish speakers a Stroop-like interference of grammatical number with the counting task, first reported by Berent et al. () for Hebrew. Dont miss your chance to earn better grades and be a better writer!mechanics of writing a research report Stroop Effect Research Paper revise essay online free thesis statement generator for argumentative essayIn psychology, the Stroop effect is a demonstration of /10().

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Stroop Effect 4/12/ CAL STATE FULLERTON Abstract This research is designed to study attention and automatic processing of the brain by replicating the Stroop effect experiments that was conducted before. The participants included 12 female and 6 male students from Cal State Fullerton. The Stroop effect was originally named after John Ridley Stroop and was published in The test demonstrates the difference in reaction time of naming colours, reading names of colour, and naming colours of words printed in different ink.