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❶Best Buy Credit Card: Name the file and keep your important documents organized neatly.

paperless pay best buy

User manuals for old VCRs? Just going through the piles that you've got lying around can be a good way of making yourself feel as if you've made some important steps in going paperless. Recycle the paper you're getting rid of and move forward into the paperless frontier, uncluttered. Sign up to pay each bill online. Making insurance, utility, and loan payments doesn't need to happen with paper checks. For the most part, online payment portals are extremely easy to use, free, and much quicker than sending your payments through the post.

Start an online account for each of your monthly bills and request that you receive online updates for your account.

You can pay each of your bills separately, to each account, but some banks have it set up so that you can schedule your online payments with the bank, and automatically remind you to make those payments every month, or automatically make the payments without your authorization.

If you know you're going to have to make the payments regularly, set it up to automatically debit and have one less thing to worry about. Ask that each account and utility remove you from its mailing list and opt for digital statements and updates instead.

If you're paying your utilities online, you don't need to get payment updates and other mailers through the mail. Go ahead and switch all communications to online updates. Some services won't send you an email every time your account is updated, making it important to take steps to check your account regularly and schedule payments accordingly, to make sure that your accounts are up to date. File your taxes online. Printing out tax forms can be a huge expense and a big waste of paper.

Instead of sending in a big packet of your tax information at tax time, invest in an online service, like TurboTax, and file your taxes online. While there's typically a small fee associated with receiving your tax refund online, most services will take the payment straight out of any rebate that you receive, making it—essentially—free to you.

It's a good deal, much faster, and super-easy. Ask about direct deposit at work. If you're still getting a paper check at the end of every week, talk to your employers about the possibility of direct deposit. There's little sense in making employees run useless paper checks to the bank every couple of weeks, when the possibility of your hard-earned money going straight into your account is possible. Invest in a good-quality scanner.

Digitizing important archives and documents will not only let you cut down on clutter and move forward in going paperless, but it will ensure the security of those documents for the long term. Doxie and Neat are new brands of scanner that are specifically designed to make scanning lots of documents quick and easy. If you do, though, standard scanners on printers are fine for the job. Scan at a quality low enough so that the files aren't huge, but high enough so that your printout will be useful as a copy of the original document.

Usually dpi is adequate unless you're archiving photos. Use grey scale scanning to save even more memory. After you've scanned your important, sensitive, or personal documents, you don't have to print them to keep them secure or to keep them copied. Instead, choose "Print to PDF," which will create a secure, high-quality file that can't be edited. Name the file and keep your important documents organized neatly. Name your documents something specific and keep them organized so that your computer desktop doesn't become as cluttered as your real desktop.

If necessary, you might consider using a database program that uses keywords to help you organize your scans. Doxo, FileThis, and Neat all offer this type of service. Invest in an external hard-drive for your computer and back up your information regularly to keep a copy of the things you'd be heartbroken to lose.

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If you do not wish to enroll, choose Cancel and deselect the Paperless Statements and Letters checkbox. Enrollment in Credit Card Paperless Statements and E-Communications We send cardholders various types of legal notices, including notices of increases or decreases in credit lines, privacy notices, account updates and statements.

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