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September 11, 2001 Essay

❶Americans are proud of the way they coped with the attacks and how people behaved during the disaster.

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But that did not succeed for him. There are also some who believe that it is the United States who was behind it to create an aggressive mood against their opponents in the Middle East so the attack was organized by the U.

S, maybe even with President George Bush in the lead. The objective would be to justify the fighting against terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq, putting sales in the weapons industry and to keep tighter control of people in America.

But the official version still sounds like that it was al-Qaeda, with Osama bin Laden in the front, which planned and carried the attack. The attack on 11 September left their mark in the world and not least in the United States. After the attacks began America to think more of themselves than before. Their foreign policy changed, they began to strengthen their military and plan in-vasions in both Afghanistan and Iraq to stop possible future terrorist attacks against them.

The president imposed a military policy after the attack, which made the U. Al Qaeda has hit them well on the eco-nomic way, the money they spent on military improvement and it is one of the rea-sons that there are economic crisis in the country today. How is security in the country now? The airport control has become stricter we must almost not have ourselves with on a plane anymore.

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Our work is high quality, plagiarism-free and delivered on time. The official version of what happened has been criticized by some journalists, scholars and witnesses to the tragedy. September 11, resulted in vast political implications.

The most well-known exceptions are the Palestinians, openly showed their joy over the attacks on America. Also, journalists reported on the demonstrations in Beijing in support of the attacks, which involved Chinese students.

The leaders of most Middle Eastern countries, including Afghanistan, condemned the attacks. The relationships between countries changed and additional security measures were taken. Since that moment the world has never been the same. I can say that I have changed my views on many things and I have started to value the safety and security. This attack was a terrible lesson for all people and politicians and it has also shown that in the global world all people are in danger.

Till nowadays people believe in different theories, listen to different opinions considering what happened on September 11, Although there is no clear explanation of the attacks on the United States, the main reasons for suffering are the innocent people who were killed in the attacks.

The actions of those who helped to organize these attacks can not be justified, as these people can only be called terrorists. All in all, the attacks of September 11, have caused a lot of controversy and suffering among people. The entire world was indifferent and supported American people during this difficult time.

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Ultius, Inc. "Sample Essay on 9/11 World Trade Center Attacks." Ultius | Custom Writing and Editing Services. December 11,

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This showed me that even today almost five months of 9/11 people still talk about it. Our military campaigns in Afghanistan eliminated a regime that supported terrorism and other violent groups. Sample Essay on 9/11 World Trade Center Attack Posted on September 11, The morning of September 11, has become the tragedy for all Americans.

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Furthermore, before the 9/11 attacks the U.S. happened to be in a recession, but afterwards the G.D.P. of America rose noticeably from mobilization. This is no surprise considering the 9/11 Commission did not mention Building 7 at all in the 9/11 investigation/5(30). Conspiracy Theories of 9/11 Attack Essay Was 9 / 11 An Inside Job? September 11, holds a special place in almost every American’s heart, as well as those of families in other countries who lost a loved one that day.