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❶Your resume will cause a potential employer to decide, in just a matter of 10 seconds, whether to contact you for an interview, or one of your competitors.


Orange County Professional Resume Writer and Resume Writing Services
has been providing professional writing services to Orange County for over 35 years.

With this responsibility your skills have advanced, accomplishments have grown and your career prospects are greater than ever. So, when it comes to drafting a resume that will allow you to stand out in a crowded pool of applicants and convey your skills at the highest level possible to employers; you need a resume writing firm that will lay the foundation for your success. The professionals at Webuild Resumes have over 20 years of experience writing resumes for multi-disciplinary professionals in the Orange County construction, engineering and environmental industries.

We work directly with senior executive, middle management, entry level and tradesman working in Orange County to create professional resumes, cover letters, follow-up letters and LinkedIn profiles that represent and sell you at the highest level possible. We take the time to learn about your career history; working with you one on one via in-person meetings or telephone conversations to discuss your career history, skills, education, qualifications and career growth objectives to gain a full understanding of career advancement goals to strategically package your skills in a highly effective resume package for your long-term career success.

The perfect package for an entry level professional or new graduate starting to advance within a corporation. Webuild will showcase your talents, skills and qualifcations to get you noticed. As a middle manager you have the skills and expertise that companies need. Now it is the time to showcase those skills to open up new pathways for career advancement. For that reason we emphasize your personal attributes, work ethic, skills and abilities and most importantly, diversify your work direction.

Of course we can lock in a single direction if you so choose, but we discourage it. Whereas, the old-fashioned job objective narrows you to a single position or field and limits you. AAA McKinstry's staff writers are employment trained personnel counselors and professional employment writers, not just data entry clerks or typists.

We also choose or eliminate words that receive positive or negative responses from the employer. Utilizing words such as "Progressive", "Challenging", "Growth" and "Advancement" may be negative. Many people think these are positive words, but frequently these words could be construed negatively as far as employers are concerned.

Our specially trained writers have the unique skill of extracting the most pertinent information. Many clients do not know what positions they are qualified for.

Although you may be a good writer yourself, it is hard to be objective about yourself. Where do you draw the line as to overselling or underselling yourself? This is where we can be totally objective about you.

If changes are desired, they will be gladly made and then you will receive 25 complementary copies of the best quality parchment or linen papers. Job Searching Tips Through our years of experience, the following are practices that we have found successful for job seekers at all levels.

Research fields and professions that you desire. Do not limit your resources. Utilize all potential sources. Career Playbook incorporates persuasive resume writing into every aspect of your job search marketing strategy, allowing you to be more effective and successful. When you need targeted resume content that will dramatically increase your visibility and motivate employers to respond, you can depend on Career Playbook to create powerful messages that will distinguish you from the competition.

We are committed to providing unsurpassed quality at competitive prices. Our creative team has extensive expertise in resume writing for executives, managers and professionals Nationwide, from coast to coast throughout the USA. Career Playbook provides a full range of customized solutions to meet your job and career needs. If you want your resume to sell your strengths, it must convey a strong message, clearly and concisely.

Combining a well-designed resume document with powerful, compelling copy will significantly improve your opportunities for interviews and job offers. Thank you for the great work. The feedback from employers has been tremendous! If it doesn't tell your next boss what you do, why you're the best hire, and what's in it for the company - at a glance - you will not achieve your objectives. Most human resume scanners have short attention spans.

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Professional Resume Writing Service - Orange County, CA Investment of a Lifetime There is a lot riding on your resume including job, career, and financial security.

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AAA McKinstry Personnel Agency & Résumé Services is an Orange County employment agency offering professional resume writing and business writing services. The Resume Lady in Orange County, CA provides professional services to make any resume pop. It makes a large difference to employers how a resume is written. Incomplete resumes filled with improper grammar, spelling mistakes, and unverifiable information are all too often what is presented for employers to examine.

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Resume Writing services are available in all US states, Canada and Internationally. We help clients in Southern California Region, Orange County - La Habra, Mission Viejo, Irvine, Laguna Hills, Orange, Fountain Valley, Newport Beach, Garden Grove, Santa Ana, Irvine, Westminster. Resume writing services that gets you results. The clock is ticking. Your resume will cause a potential employer to decide, in just a matter of 10 seconds, whether to contact you for an interview, or one of your competitors.