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Microsoft Office Essay

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❶You are automating the weekly production reports so that you can easily calculate total production for the entire company each week.

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Excel also provides functions and formulas, making it possible for your spreadsheet to automatically calculate and update results based on the data you input. If I own a Managing company the most used application I will use is Access because it can hold a lot of data. Microsoft Access helps you analyze large amounts of information, and manage related data more competently than Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet applications.

Microsoft Word is a word processing program that allows for the creation of both simple and refined documents. You can create documents such as resumes, letters, and fax cover sheets. Something new in Word I learned was to use formatting marks.

The applications will help me with being more organized and help with my time management. Being able to use Microsoft office is a great skill to have. Microsoft Word is a dynamic skill that is useful for both business requirements as well as basic day-to-day purposes.

Essay UK - http: This should create a table of Monthly Average sales. From here on, I can analyze the best and worst months and make preparations in the following year. XYZ manufactures only one product, the gizmo. It comes in two sizes, the mini-gizmo and the magna-gizmo. Both are difficult to manufacture, and consequently, the company closely monitors rejected units. The company has three locations, each of which produces both the mini and the magna-gizmos. You are automating the weekly production reports so that you can easily calculate total production for the entire company each week.

Respond fully to the following questions regarding this task: This is a two part question. The managers will e-mail their weekly reports to you on Monday of the following week. You will then produce the summary report. Explain the process for doing this. Give a sample formula to total the number of mini-gizmos produced by the entire company in a week. Each week, you will present the combined report to your boss, who wants to see both the summary and the individual sheets for each location.

You want to add a header with the date and your name to each page. What is the easiest way to do this? Now, for this data, I will expect the columns to be separated, with labels proper mini-gizmo, proper magna-gizmo, rejected mini-gizmo, rejected magna-gizmo, and row labels of days in the week.

After that, I will sum all of the column data below, so I will arrive at the sum of all proper and reject gizmos. Suppose the proper mini-gizmos are in column B and rejected mini-gizmos are in column D, then a sample formula to total all the mini-gizmos produced in a week would be Sum B2: This is already located in the Summary worksheet, after consolidating the data from four locations.

This is assuming that the data is given per week, divided into 7 days. I will do the same for the magna-gismos. Afterwards, just below the Sums, I will put another row labeled Revenue. Then I will multiply the Sums by the respective prices, 3. TCO 9 You have been tasked with analyzing an extremely large amount of data and to ultimately produce a report to share with the board of directors.

The data is currently in a text file and has over two thousand records of data. Explain how you would use Excel to analyze this data and organize it to prepare a written report. Be very specific on the variety of tools you would use and the steps you would go through to analyze the data and to ultimately prepare a detailed report with recommendations. Since the data is in text file, I have to open Excel first. I can now open the text file in Excel.

Upon opening, a Text Import Wizard will appear. I can choose Delimited or Fixed width, depending on the data. Click next, then I can choose my own delimiters if it is Delimited. I can also click anywhere on the preview box to separate the data to my liking. After that, I can designate their Text Formats. Double-click the MS Word icon to open the application which will open a new document. Selecting the Microsoft Word icon will open a new MS Word document, and a screen similar to the one below should appear.

Before typing the first word of any essay, you will first want to save the document. Saving, and re-saving, the document as you type will help to ensure your work is safe. With the new document open, select File from the menu click once to expand the file menu. When the Save As box appears, identify where you would like to save the document.

You can save it any place on your computer; however, students most frequently save documents to their Desktop or to the My Documents folder. Select the location desktop, my documents, etc. Refer to the circled items and arrows in the image below. Be sure to make note of where the document was saved so that you know where to go to retrieve the file. Your instructor may have a specific file name they would like you to use for each assignment, so be sure to review his or her guidelines for naming the file before submitting the assignment.

As you work, be sure to save your document regularly. Margins When using APA formatting for your academic essay, you may need to reset the margins. The margin indicates the amount of space surrounding the text. To reset the margins, select File from the menu. Then, select Page Setup. Click on the Margins tab. Adjust the margins as necessary. You can use the arrow keys to increase or decrease the size, or you can manually type the margin size.

Select OK when finished. The margins will be adjusted only on the open document. If you wish to adjust the margins on all Word documents, select the Default button. You will then be prompted to confirm the margin change for all MS Word documents on your computer. When using APA formatting for the title page, the title will be centered on the page. To center the title, select the Center alignment icon from the toolbar see image below. Your cursor will then be in the center of the page.

If the Center alignment icon is not listed, select Format from the menu bar.

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Free Essay: Graded Project Microsoft Word Contents Contents INTRODUCTION CREATE AND EDIT A COVER LETTER CREATE A FACT SHEET ABOUT WORD USE A FLIER TO. With Microsoft Office used in many medical settings, it is safe to say that you will be completing tasks using at least one of the applications in the Office suite. In a minimum word paper, list the Microsoft Office application that you feel is likely to be utilized most oftenRead More.